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Australian Nicotine Calculator

When it comes to vaping, you should be mindful about the nicotine intake that you are getting. That’s because you have the freedom to get nicotine in different hits. To make sure that you don’t have to face any struggles, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a reputed nicotine calculator. The e juice nicotine calculator you use will be able to help you with determining the ideal nicotine intake.

- Low vapor production

Low vapor production out of your vaporizer will provide smoke that is quite similar to what you can get out of a cigarette. You will be able to find this in most of the pod systems available for purchase in the market as well. You will be able to get a tight airflow out of the vaporizers. However, it is also important to keep in mind that nicotine salts with a high strength is recommended for this category. You should be taking your regular nicotine hits with 12mg to 24mg.

- Medium vapor production

Medium vapor production will produce clouds, but you will not be able to discover a strong variation in the clouds. Most of the vaporizers available for you to purchase from the market would fall under this category. In here, the pod systems that come along with MTL tanks and sub ohm coils are included as well. However, the sub ohm tanks would usually offer a reduced lung draw. Regular nicotine hit that you should be taking is in between 6mg to 12mg.

- High vapor production

High vapor production will give life to bigger clouds. When you take a look at the vaporizers that are offering a high vapor production, you will figure out that they come along with rebuildable and powerful sub ohm tanks. There are also atomizers, which come along with bigger airflow channels. You will not be able to find any nicotine salts for this category. That’s because the devices that you use would create lots of vapor. Hence, it will not be possible for you to get the nicotine hits too quickly.

Most of the vaporizers under this category are using sub ohm devices. This will be able to provide the regular nicotine juices that you would be interested in getting at lower strengths. Even the e-liquids will be a strong option available for you to consider. In here, the regular nicotine level will be in between 1.5mg to 6mg.

If you want to get the assistance you need to calculate the nicotine hits, you should think about using an e juice nicotine calculator. Then you will be able to get all the support needed to calculate the nicotine intake and receive the amazing benefits that come along with it to you in the long run. This can also provide you the chance to transform vaping into an enjoyable experience. You will fall in love with what vaping will be able to send on your way as well.

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