Tending to my berry patch I came across the harmless Austracantha minax
, commonly known as the 
Australian Jewel Spider.

These cool little arachnids inspired ADV.2, one of my all-time favourite flavours - a mix of berries and currants, topped off with peppermint and a slight icy finish.

It also changes colour between green and blue with the seasons, which is pretty cool (we think it has something to do with the current climate when mixed), but don't worry: it's the same stunning recipe year round!

Try out the original recipe ADV.1 here!

Flavour Profile


Berries, currants and fruity sweetness


Peppermint, ice

Recommended Steep Time 24 hours
VG:PG Ratio - Doubler 80:20
VG:PG Ratio - RTV 70:30
Contains no nicotine Contains natural and artificial flavourings

ADV.2 (Austracantha)


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