Tobacco Flavored E Liquids

Tobacco Flavored E Liquids and Premium Tobacco Flavors from JcVapour

Vaping isn't just about fruity flavors. Many vapers replace their cigarette habit with smooth nicotine vapor. JcVapour supplies Australia with high-quality tobacco flavored e liquids in premium tobacco flavors that preserve the familiar flavors of cigarettes without the harsh burning sensation. What can you get from their shop to satisfy your nicotine needs?


  • Premium full flavor liquids are designed to deliver the robust experience of a full-flavored rolled tobacco product. Strong, dark, and smokey are the qualities you get from this liquid.

  • For those who want to avoid harsher tones, the Smooth version of JcVapour's e liquid is what you need. Use the settings on your mod to adjust the mouth and throat feel to suit your pleasure.

  • The classic flavor gives you a timeless tobacco taste without the added burn. Substantial without being too rough, this is the all-around favorite for most vapers.


Like their selection of fun and fruity flavors, JcVapour's tobacco flavored e liquids are available in a range of VG/PG levels. These ingredients help create the weight, consistency, and flavor saturation in each puff on your vape mod. Finding the right combination of ingredients allows you to get the feel and taste of a rolled tobacco product without the mess or clinging smells.


In addition to premium tobacco flavors, JcVapour carries a line of products that let you customize your mod to your exact liking. Need help finding the right thing for your hobby? Use the online contact form for personalized guidance from their customer service representatives.